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About Us

The maritime agency INFLOT was founded on 17 October 1934 by the Order of the Government of the USSR within shipping lines in sea ports of the USSR to service calls in ports of USSR by foreign vessels. For 90 years, the marine agency INFLOT within Murmansk Shipping Company have provided agent’s and convoying services for vessels in port of Murmansk.

The company have about a hundred years of experience at nearly all terminals of in the water area of the Murmansk port, and skills to work with all types of cargos that have ever been handled in the port. INFLOT can also act as a subagent, Husbandry Agent, Protective Agent being an official subagent to Wilhelmsen Ships Service in the port of Murmansk for over 20 years.

Your Reliable Partner at Sea and in Port
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Our Mission

Our Team Professionalism at All Levels
Traditions of Craftsmanship Passed Through Generations

Staff of INFLOT

Our professionalism comes from highly qualified employees and is based upon the knowledge collected over decades of providing ship agent’s services, that is passed down through generations of agents.

Each member of the INFLOT team is proficient in marine terminology and spoken English which is a key factor.

The management of the company are professional seafarers who backed up their experience with legal education, knowing internal work of the fleet, understanding an exclusive role of the agent for the vessel and crew as the agent is the first person who provides assistance to masters and crew in ports and whose help can be relied on around the clock.

We aim at fruitful cooperation and guarantee efficiency and result.

Working at sea is not only the allure but also unpredictable difficulties emerging on a regular basis. After many years of providing ship agent’s services, we are capable of answering any questions, sharing priceless experience, unique and useful skills, which allows us to overcome any obstacles and save time, money and health to our colleagues, customers and principals!

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of services

  • Delivery of foodstuffs on board vessels anchored in port of Murmansk, Kandalaksha, Vitino
  • Order and delivery of vessel supplies (working clothes, deck equipment, materials and tools, spare parts, etc.), consumables
  • Supply and check of survival and emergency as well as conventional equipment of all types
  • Delivery and correction of navigation charts and pilots, including B.A.Charts&publications
  • Check and repair of ship’s radar equipment
  • Repairing works of all kinds on board a vessel
  • Analysis of fresh water samples (drinking tanks, cleaning tanks), foaming agent
  • Customs clearance of cargoes delivered to a vessel
  • Arrangement for crew change (city-to-airport transport)
  • Transport services for delivery and storage of cargoes
  • Own park of vehicles consisting of passenger cars and trucks, storage area of 150 m²

Full Range of Maritime Services
Your Vessel in Safe Hands

Comprehensive Survey Services
Accuracy and Reliability at Every Inspection Stage

We provide organisation and conduct of the following types of survey

  • Draft survey
  • Bunker survey
  • On-hire (off-hire) survey
  • U-sonic inspection of hatch covers
  • Ballast tanks inspection
  • Hold condition inspection
  • Hatch sealing
  • Damage survey
  • Pre-entry survey
  • Cargo survey
  • General cargo lashing inspection